Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I use a Scrummi towel?

Scrummi Towels are more absorbent than traditional cotton towels so you only need one from wash to finish. They are also great for long hair and here is an instructional video showing you how to get the most out of your Scrummi.

What are the towels made from?

Scrummi towels are made from 100% soft and natural biodegradable wood fibres from certified sustainable sources.

How do I dispose of them?

Scrummi towels are biodegradable so can go in with any biodegradable waste such as food, hair or brown card recycling. The towels will decompose within 3 months under ideal decomposable conditions. The towels can also be added to the normal rubbish for landfill where they will breakdown and leave no blight on the environment. We also have large Scrummi branded biodegradable bags that can hold over 110 wet Scrummi towels. They're 100% biodegradable and can be added to any order for just £6 per roll of 25 bags.

What is the cost per towel?

Scrummi towels start from 10p each upwards.

Do you do discounts for buying in bulk?

We have discounts available for buying in bulk; let's discuss your usage and see what works best for you. Discounts are also shown on each product page.

How are they packaged?

Scrummi towels are mostly packed in boxes of 500 and all individually folded to keep them neat and tidy in the salon. For some products we also do other pack sizes - so please check when you place your order online.

What are your delivery terms?

All orders over £80 (excluding VAT) to UK mainland have free next working day delivery when ordered before 14:00 (some areas may vary so give us a call if you're not sure). Very occasionally for reasons beyond our control we can't always deliver for the next day, but we always try to! For orders under £80 there is a small £6 delivery charge. If you are offshore, in the Scottish Highlands or Islands delivery charges vary and will be shown at checkout. We also do a Saturday delivery, which normally costs £12 per item shipped.

What's so good about Scrummi towels?

Scrummi towels are thick and plush and have the unmistakable hallmark Scrummi waffle texture, making Scrummi towels top of their class!