7 Aug 2017 11:28:12

Award-winning London hairdresser Martyn Maxey has recently held another successful charitable hairdressing event for his charity The Hair Foundation, which Scrummi proudly supports.

The Hair Foundation works with a women’s shelter near Martyn’s salon in Marylebone, helping women regain their confidence and self esteem. Martyn and a team of volunteer salon managers, juniors and students from Harrow College provide haircuts to residents of the shelter, helping the women to start rebuilding their lives.

Martyn’s a well established name in hairdressing and he’s been able to get some amazing support from many high profile brands. Big brands such as Paul Mitchell, Kerastase, and of course Scrummi, are supporting The Hair Foundation and are delighted to see it thriving.

Martyn and I chatted recently when I delivered a box of Scrummi towels for the hairdressers use at The Hair Foundation’s events, and as well as talking about The Hair Foundation, I discovered some surprising facts about Martyn that I didn’t know beforehand!

5 things you may not know about Martyn:

  1. Martyn is a keen gardener and runs his own allotment
  2. He planted the bright and vibrant flowers outside his salon himself
  3. He’s an avid chef and loves cooking
  4. Martyn’s goal is to build The Hair Foundation as a blueprint to take to America
  5. He used to play guitar in a rock band