5 Jan 2016 08:36:00

KAPOW! Your salon super hero is here!

We are excited to launch our new hero product designed to protect your clients and make your life easier; the Scrummi Super Cape!

Perfect for super-heroic salons, the Scrummi Super Cape does everything a traditional fabric gown does but it never needs to be washed.

No more messy dye covered capes or gowns to launder; when you’re done you simply recycle your Super Cape.

With water resistant, colour resistant and anti-static super powers it is also strong enough to be used all day.

Chief caped crusader Rob Cooper said, “Our Super Cape is here to make your life easier.

“Every cape is new; they never look stained or worn. It means that, along with the Scrummi towel system, salons can finally be 100 percent laundry free.

“Which leaves you with more time to spend with clients.”

Super Cape

Scrummi Super Capes cost £60 for a box of 100. Or you can trial a pack of 10 for just £6.

To find out more about the Scrummi Super Cape visit our Super Cape product page or email us on hq@scrummi.com