Helpful Tips for Managing Your Salon During the Summer Season


Summer is here, which means your salon is about to get busy!

As the temperature rises, more people will be looking to refresh their look and get ready for the season.

As a salon owner or manager, it’s important to stay on top of your game and make sure your salon is running smoothly during this time.

Here are some helpful tips for managing your salon during the summer season:


  1. Make sure to plan ahead and set realistic goals for your business. You may want to extend your hours to accommodate more appointments!


  1. Stay organised by keeping track of your appointments, inventory, and staff schedules to ensure that everything runs smoothly, especially during the busy summer season.


  1. Provide staff training to ensure staff are fully prepped for the summer season. Make sure your staff is aware of any changes in schedule or policies during the summer season.


  1. Consider offering special promotions or discounts to attract more customers during the busy season such as hair and scalp treatments, summer-themed nail art, and spray tans to attract new customers.


  1. Keep your salon cool and comfortable for both employees and clients. Invest in air conditioning units or fans to keep your clients and staff comfortable during the hot summer days.


By implementing these helpful tips, you can successfully manage your salon during the summer season and keep your clients happy!


Remember to stay organised, provide training, refer back to previous summers so that you can anticipate the expected surge in demand for this month. This will allow you to manage your staff effectively and keep your customers coming back!


Happy styling!

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