Scrummi Body Towel


Product Description

Available Sizes:

80 x 140cm
80 x 160cm (Essential Lightweight)



  • Luxury waffle-textured sheets that are perfect for direct skin contact.
  • Warm, soft and chemical free.
  • Use in conjunction with your existing towels and sheets. They will not need to be washed after each treatment, only the Scrummi Spa Sheet replaced.

Recommended Use:

  • Use with traditional towels and sheets to create a luxurious, hygienic barrier.
  • On top of your client during treatments.
  • Shower & sweat towels
  • Modesty cover
  • Use 2 for full body massage in a T shape, 1 x lengthways on top of the client’s legs and waist, 1 x width ways over client’s chest and arms

Suitable for use in the following treatments:

Massage, Facials, In-spa changing facilities, In-spa heat experiences, Hair removal, Aesthetics, Medical, Fitness

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