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What is Scrummi?

Eco you say, we've got it wrapped up!

We were born in 2010, a revolutionary hairdressing towel that brings 3 defining attributes: They biodegrade in 100 days, they're 10 times more absorbent than cotton and 100% hygienic. Everything we do (and we mean everything!) Is driven by two words: Sustainability and Ethics...

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How to use a Scrummi Sustainable Hairdressing Towel

Used by professionals throughout Europe

Scrummi is used by the top names in hairdressing, styling, colouring and barbering

We're stoked that Scrummi is being used by a whole host of hairdressers and salons throughout the UK and Europe! Ky'Cut Wilson of the Social LDN, Ricky Walters and the team at Salon 64 as well as the Hunter Collective are just a snippet of those who are striving towards sustainability in their salons.

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