General FAQ's

What are Scrummi towels made from?

Our soft Scrummi towels and sheet are made from 100% plant-based cellulose fibres from certified sustainable sources.

Are Scrummi towels biodegradable?

Yes! All Scrummi products* are plant-based and will biodegrade after use.

*Our couch protector is made from recyclable PPE and can be recycled. 

How do you dispose of Scrummi towels?

Scrummi towels are made from plant-based fibres and are non-toxic. This means they can be safely disposed of in any commercial waste stream. Under perfect conditions, Scrummi products can decompose within 3 months.

Scrummi towels and sheets are suitable for commercial composting alongside other non-food compostables such as food packaging, coffee cups etc.

Scrummis are certified as commercially compostable to EN13432 standards by TUV Austria.

We recommend our recycling partner Recorra as a convenient composting option.

Or visit our Towel Disposal & Recycling page for more options!

How does Scrummi save me money?

Just imagine never having to wash a towel or sheet again, with Scrummi there is no more laundry! – head over to our cost-saving calculator to find out how much you could be saving.

How many towels and sheets are needed per client?

Within hairdressing salons, we advise that one towel is needed from wash to finish!


In spas and beauty salons, this is dependent on set-up and treatment use. Please see the individual product for recommended treatment use!


Check out our useful “how to” videos for tips on how to minimise usage while maximising your clients’ experience.

How are my products packaged?

As part of our ongoing mission to eradicate single-use plastics from our packaging most of our towels and sheets are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes.

What’s so good about Scrummi products?

Scrummi products have the Scrummi waffle texture so there is no mistaking us! Our towelling products are super absorbent making them perfect for salons and spas, as well as helping you to save time, energy and money every year by reducing your business's laundry requirements.

How do Scrummi products differ from cotton towels?

Nothing beats a soft, fluffy towel right? Unfortunately most salon towels are worn, stiff, scratchy and stained. Scrummi towels guarantee a soft, plush, supe hygienic towel for every client. Even better, there is no washing so you could completely eradicate laundry in your business!

Scrummis are single use and plant-based meaning that they are naturally biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

 As they are single-use, Scrummi towels are also super cost-effective.  With cotton towels, you need to buy the towel, wash the towels, buy the machines to wash them, service the machines, and pay for energy, water and endless supplies of detergent. To find out how much you could be saving every year head over to our cost-saving calculator.

How can a Scrummi towel be better for the environment than a cotton towel?

Cotton towel usage within the hair and beauty industry has a huge environmental impact due to the amount of washing needed to keep them hygienic.

The average cost of laundering salon cotton towels is around £0.55 per towel — and that number is a whole lot bigger for larger salon and spa towels. If you own or run a busy beauty salon, spa, or hair salon, your cotton towels are costing you a fortune.

Scrummi towels are designed to be used once and disposed of, and because they are made from natural wood fibres, they will naturally biodegrade, eradicating the need for laundry and saving salons and spas time, energy and money.

What are the benefits for salons and spas in switching to Scrummi?

Salons and spas that switch to Scrummi can expect to save time, energy, and money every year. By using Scrummi you reduce the hours spent laundering towels, and eliminate the costs associated with laundry, ultimately helping to lower energy bills.

What are Scrummi’s eco-credentials?

Scrummi is a certified B Corporation and also holds the EN13432 composability certifications from TÜV Austria. The certification, also known as Seedling, confirms that under optimal conditions, Scrummi products will biodegrade completely within 100 days.

Delivery and Returns

What are your delivery terms?

Scrummi offers free next-working day delivery on all orders over £90 (excluding VAT) to UK mainland (Excluding Scottish Highlands). Please note orders must be placed before 4pm to qualify for next day delivery, (some areas may vary so give us a call if you’re not sure). For orders under £90 there is a £9 delivery charge.

If you are located in the Scottish Highlands or Islands delivery charges vary and will be shown at checkout.

Saturday delivery is available but charged at £15 per item shipped.

Please check our delivery page for more information.

Can you deliver outside of the UK?

We can currently deliver direct to salons and spas in the UK and Germany. We also partner with a number of distributors across Europe and America. Contact us for more information.

How long will it take to deliver my products?

Delivery of Scrummi products is subject to current lead time and may change depending on bank holidays. Please visit our delivery information page for current lead times

Once I place my order what happens next?

Your order will be processed by the team at Scrummi. You will receive an email confirmation once
your order and payment have been processed, with an estimated delivery date.

Who can I contact for more information on my order?

You can email us at or you can call our customer service team on 01732 617610 between 9am and
5pm, Monday to Friday.

If I change my mind can I return my Scrummi products?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Scrummi order you can return a product at any time up to 14 calendar days starting on the day, after which you receive the products as long as the products are in a re-sellable condition. Please read our terms and conditions for more