What is a disposable towel we hear you ask?

A disposable towel is a single-use alternative to a cotton towel. They are 100% biodegradable and completely eco-friendly.

Scrummi's are highly absorbent, environmentally friendly, and can help save money.

Scrummi towels are up to 10x more absorbent than traditional cotton hairdressing towels so you only need one from wash to finish!

Scrummi towels contain no hidden plastics and will biodegrade within 8-12 weeks!

At Scrummi, we take pride in offering products that are environmentally friendly. Our range of products are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. Our Scrummi waffle products are designed to biodegrade in just 100 days in an anaerobic environment, which is similar to the biodegradation time of an orange peel.

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They are very Scrummi!

These disposable towels are soft, strong, very absorbent, no more washing and tumble drying, look neat and tidy on the shelf. They are very Scrummi! - Mandy Baldwin, The Hair and Scalp Clinic