Our impact at Scrummi

Last year alone, Scummi reduced the hair and beauty industry’s impact on the environment by more than 38 MILLION litres of chemically contaminated water and 2729 tons of C02 emissions.

A tale of two towels…

Let’s start with cotton…

Did you know that according to the World Wildlife Fund, cotton is environmentally UNSUSTAINABLE?

It is one of the largest users of water among all agricultural commodities. Its growth requires high amounts of fertiliser and pesticides which cause pollution and damage to biodiversity. Other impacts include water contamination, soil erosion, and degradation.

In addition to cotton, most modern salon products are blended with plastic fibres which shed and release billions of microplastics into our water when washed.

Washing conventional cotton towels requires huge amounts of :

  • Energy (electricity, gas)
  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Staff time

Compare that to Scrummi biodegradable towels

  • Our towels? Grown responsibly in European forests
  • FSC/PEFC certified
  • C02 neutral delivery to salons and spas
  • They soak up 39kg of CO2 as they grow for every 1000 towels
  • We use Veocel™ wood-based fibres for efficiency and a lighter eco-footprint.
  • Processed and manufactured in the UK & Europe under strict environmental control
  • No laundry chemicals needed, a win-win for nature and your salon.
  • Say hello to 70-90% less energy and water use compared to cotton and microfiber towels
  • Plus, save on average 2.2 hours daily in staff time - talk about a bonus!

Of course, the environmental benefits of using Scrummi vary depending on the environment and the way they are used. We are always happy to advise on the most efficient use of our products.

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How we make a Scrummi

Scrummi products are made from sustainably sourced wood from predominantly European sources.

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