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Based on the average cost of cotton towel vs the cost of 1 Scrummi towel

Fancy saving £1000’s on your salon and spa costs each year?

Make it happen by switching to Scrummi. The average cost of laundering salon cotton towels is around £0.55 per towel — and that number is a whole lot bigger for larger salon and spa towels (let alone sheets). If you own or run a busy beauty salon, spa, or hair salon, your cotton towels are probably costing you a fortune.

  • Save time

    Wave goodbye to laundry piles, which means more time for you and your staff!

  • Save energy

    Bid farewell to energy-hungry washing machines and dryers.

  • Save water

    Less laundry means less water usage in your salon or spa.

  • Save the planet

    Biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced materials.

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By using Scrummi towels, you could rid yourself of rising laundry costs for good!

Here’s how you save with Scrummi:

• Seriously reducing your electricity & gas bills
• Reducing your need for expensive detergents
• No more money spent on servicing or replacing washers and dryers
• No need to regularly buy new cotton towels
• You’ll free up space in your salon or spa
• And you’ll save on staff costs without the constant washing, drying, and folding towels

Save up to 90% on laundry costs, shop Scrummi biodegradable towels!