We help salons, spas and colleges liberate themselves from laundry! Our products are designed to help you save valuable time, energy, and money on a monthly basis.

Scrummi Original Waffle Towels White 80x40 being used to dry hair


Worried about the rising costs of salon laundry? Wish you could spend less time washing, drying, and folding towels? We're here to help!

Scrummi Waffle Facial Towels being used on client to remove make-up

Beauty Salons

Love giving beauty treatments but hate all the laundry? We’ve got you!

Client lying on Scrummi Original Waffle Spa Sheets White


Think luxury and sustainability can’t combine? Think again!


Wondering how to help your college meet its eco-initiatives? Build sustainability into your teaching with Scrummi.

Have used Scrummi for a long number of years!

Have used Scrummi for a long number of years for various good reasons, prices quality of products and delivery, white waffle towel is a personal favourite - Brian Paterson