Hair stylist wrapping woman's hair in black Scrummi biodegradable waffle hair towel Hair stylist wrapping woman's hair in black Scrummi biodegradable waffle hair towel

Our Mission: Why We Created Biodegradable Hair Towels

Be the driving force in reducing the environmental impact of the Hair & Beauty industries by delivering luxurious, smart and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional textiles.

Our aim is to revolutionise the way salons operate by making outdated cotton laundry systems a thing of the past! No more unhygienic threadbare cotton towel washes at 90 degrees.... There are so many benefits of using Scrummi's biodegradable towels over traditional cotton hairdressing towels - They will save you money, increase productivity and reduce your carbon footprint.

Used by professionals throughout Europe

Scrummi is used by the top names in hairdressing, styling, colouring and barbering

We're stoked that Scrummi is being used by a whole host of hairdressers and salons throughout the UK and Europe! Ky'Cut Wilson of the Social LDN, Ricky Walters and the team at Salon 64 as well as the Hunter Collective are just a snippet of those who are striving towards sustainability in their salons.

Made to the Highest Standards

We manufacture all of our own towels in the EU - No shipping products over from Asia!

Our supply chain is accredited to the highest environmental and quality standards including ISO:14001 and European Eco Flower. Scrummi waffle products also conform to international standard EN13432 for compostability and will biodegrade in an anaerobic environment in about 100 days.

By sticking firmly to our beliefs we have started a revolution with 1000ʼs of salons across Europe who are now using Scrummi to save time, costs and energy whilst increasing staff productivity.

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