Introducing Scrummis Creative Director: Ky Wilson

We are so excited to announce that one of our long-time customers Ky Wilson  is joining us as Creative Director!

As one of the leading sustainable towel providers to the hair and beauty industry, the individuals we work with must be inspirational, passionate and accountable in their actions, embodying our own core values.

Ky ticks all these boxes and we are so excited to work with him. Ky will assist us in the development of educational content, as well as helping us to emphasise the importance of sustainable practices in our industry.

"Yo, I’m Ky Wilson. Born in the Lake District, where I created a solid foundation for my hairdressing career and grasped every opportunity around the world to assist the greats and make the most of my naivety and youthful energy. After winning a scholarship with a major hair brand and getting into the finals of some of the most sought-after competitions I moved to the big smoke, London. Taking full advantage of the network I already curated, my hungry, passion and determination, I found myself in some of the most unreal experiences and bringing home the most prestigious awards that any hairstylist would strive for within their career.  

It was only a matter of time before I set up my own salon and The Social was born. Fast forward 10 years I currently reside by the coast in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. I have supported my community and industry along the way setting up lifestyle destinations in community warehouses for freelancing entrepreneurs of the hair and beauty industry to use. My achievements have opened doors and allowed me to be appointed by a number of significant brands as their ambassador. I am now excited to take on my new role as a Creative Director for Scrummi. 

Becoming the Creative Director for Scrummi is definitely up there as a career highlight for me. I am excited to start working closer with this brand, which I’ve used and loved for over 10 years. I am looking forward to having a direct effect on how Scrummi will develop. Together we will not only be helping hairdressers and their salon businesses grow but dramatically reducing the negative impact our hair industry has on our planet.

The Scrummi towel itself is the best of its kind. I know this through personal continuous research, having tried similar product lines. I'm always on the hunt to improve my service for myself, my clients and the freelancers within our community at The Social.

What you can expect from my new role as Scrummi’s Creative Director is an authentic voice, representing our industry within the Scrummi business. I will be helping Scrummi shape and develop their communication as well as optimising their product range and offers to enhance our industry
This is just the start for me and now it’s time to use the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my accelerated career to really make and positive impact."  

We remain passionate about liberating the planet from laundry and believe our partnership with Ky will firmly enhance our core message.
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