The Lifecycle of Scrummi Disposable Towels

The number one question we get asked is how are your products sustainable and biodegradable?

We understand! We’re constantly told to reuse to be sustainable however due to the lifecycle of our products Scrummi towels are the most sustainable alternatives to cotton towels, and they also save you time and money every month!

But to help you understand the benefit of Scrummi towels we thought we’d be upfront and transparent about their lifecycle, so you can see that each stage of a Scrummi towel is helping the planet!

Stage 1: Sourcing the materials
Starting as we mean to go on our Scrummi towels start life as either eucalyptus or cedar trees in central Europe. All of the wood comes from forestry operations that are certified according to recognised sustainability criteria, such as the FSC® and PEFCTM. This means that wherever we source our wood supplies, reforestation exceeds the quantities harvested for sustainable usage by at least a third!
Stage 2: Manufacture into towels and sheets
This material is then pulped and delivered to our factories as fibres, these fibres are then turned into the Scrummi products you know and love with a very economical and considered process!

As an added bonus all the water used in the process is filtered and recycled and all of our factories are monitored and have strict corporate and social responsibility guides in place.
Stage 3: Deliver to you
From here our products are then prepared to be sent out to you. 95% of Scrummi’s total shipping distance is done by rail and sea, which has the lowest environmental impact of any mode of transport, we’re all about lowering our carbon footprint!

Once the towels are in the UK, we deliver to you via DPD. DPD was chosen as our official delivery partners as they share our commitment to bettering the planet by having a carbon-neutral commitment with over 5 million parcels now transported on alternative energy vehicles.
Stage 4: Salon / Spa use
Now in your hands, Scrummi disposable towels are used by salons and spas across Europe.

Only one towel is needed from wash to finish and is designed to be disposed of after just one use. This saves salons and spas time, energy, and money every month!
Stage 5: Responsible disposal
At the end of its lifecycle, a Scrummi disposable towel will biodegrade within 8-12 weeks!

This is because our towel products are 100% biodegradable. This is the same length of time it takes an orange peel!
And there you have it, the complete lifecycle of a Scrummi disposable towel! If you haven’t already order a sample to try our disposable towels yourself or order your Scrummi’s today!

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