Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Salons and Spas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re here with a whole host of marketing ideas for your salons and spas! This time of year comes hot on the heels of Christmas but is the perfect opportunity for salons and spas, to look at alternative marketing ideas as people look for relaxing and luxurious gifts for their partners.

Here are our top Valentine's marketing ideas for salons and spas in 2023 to attract new clients and show loyal ones they are loved.
Create special Valentine’s Day packages

Create Valentine’s Day bundles geared at partners who don’t know much about salons or spas! Include your most popular services for a combined luxury treat and add something extra as a treat. Chocolate and sparkling wine always goes down well. This upgrades it from a regular spa or salon experience into a unique Valentine’s Day experience.
Visuals matter for salon social

We all know our visuals matter. Choose a strong visual look and keep to it throughout your Valentine's campaign for brand consistency, both on social media and offline. And of course, use relevant #hashtags and make it engaging and fun!
Show them, don’t tell them!

Instead of focusing on selling, ‘show your audience, why they should be treating themselves or explaining why a retail product would make the perfect gift or showing a pampering facial. This makes it more fun, engaging and, well … social!
Share some love

Stick with the theme and thank your loyal customers by showing them some love! Simple ways to do this is by emailing and thanking them for their business and include an offer to be used during February!

Just think carefully about your terms and conditions and what services you want to include in this offer. As well as which team members are available!
Have these sparked any ideas? Valentine's day isn’t far away so you’d better get started. Remember it all starts with the right product offering and then making it accessible and engaging for your audience!

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