What Does Sustainability In Spas Look Like?

Sustainability is both a global concern and a burgeoning trend in the hair and beauty industry, with more businesses moving to become sustainable spas.
This has been pushed along by the energy crisis which is resulting in higher energy costs. Europe alone has over 32,000 registered spas, each of them washing at least 350 litres of chemically contaminated water into the earth's oceans every week! This amounts to over half a billion litres a year.

This has resulted in spas looking for more ways to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious, whilst still being able to deliver exceptional services to their customers.
How to become a sustainable spa?

The crisis is affecting all parts of the spa industry, so it would be wise to use this time to review your energy use and make plans for the future of your business.

That being said sustainability not only does good things for the environment and your business, but it also attracts more customers to any given business. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the climate crisis and are looking for businesses to actively show they are taking steps to become carbon neutral.

This makes the move to be a plastic-free and carbon-neutral business an extremely attractive prospect to help cut down on energy, staff time and costs, with the knowledge that your customers are supporting the change.
With this in mind here are some quick ways in which you can make the switch to become a sustainable spa.
Water Efficiency

With multiple customers visiting everyday, spa’s consume a lot of energy; one of the main reasons for this is the constant use of heat and water. Spas can take steps to be more sustainable by reducing their water usage and installing a smart meter to keep track of energy usage.

Investing in these measures doesn’t mean compromising on the customer, it's simply utilising your energy more efficiently so your customers won’t notice a difference.

The products that you sell in your spa should be as environmentally friendly as possible. Look out for products certified as vegan and made from sustainable ingredients.  By switching to a sustainable line of products in your spa, you reduce your environmental impact, whilst also promoting ethical products to your customers.
Switch to Scrummi
Finding high-quality sustainable products for your spa can be terribly time-consuming but we are here to tell you that we’ve found a solution. Scrummi is dedicated to helping spas reduce their environmental impact by providing single-use, compostable products.

We’ve achieved this by ensuring the energy used in the entire lifecycle of a Scrummi spa sheet including its manufacture is less than the energy used by a washing machine to clean one single cotton towel.
To ensure we are also saving you time, energy and cost we’ve ensured our disposable towels contain no hidden plastics and will biodegrade to compost within 8-12 weeks!

Being a sustainable spa doesn’t mean compromising on customer comfort or satisfaction – it’s a sign that you are dedicated to bettering the planet and your clientele will be impressed that you are running a business in a conscious and ethical manner.

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