What is a disposable towel?

“What is a disposable towel? – Scrummi is Europe’s leading brand of sustainable salon towels”

Scrummi hairdressing towels are natural and 100% biodegradable

Every human activity has an impact on our planet, It is Scrummi’s mission to minimise this impact at every stage of our product’s lifecycle.

What is a disposable towel we hear you ask?

what is scrummi sustainable tree

Our Scrummi hairdressing towels start life as either eucalyptus or cedar trees in central Europe. They are harvested from Sustainable Forestry programmes, where for every one tree that is harvested 3 trees are planted in it’s place. The yearly volume of wood regrowth is by 10 million cubic metres higher than the wood quantities harvested per year.

The energy used in the entire lifecycle of a Scrummi disposable towel including its manufacture is less than the energy used by a washing machine to clean one single cotton hairdressing towel.

Scrummi sustainable factories

The trees are pulped and delivered to our factories as fibres, these fibres are then turned into the Scrummi salon waffle towel you know and love with a very economical and considered process. All the water used in the process is filtered and recycled and all of our plants are monitored and have strict corporate and social responsibility guides in place.

95% of Scrummi’s total shipping distance is done by rail and sea, which has the lowest environmental impact of any mode of transport.

Scrummi do not ship from outside of EuropeScrummi hairdressing towels are all produced in Europe! So wherever possible we aim to reduce our carbon footprint when organising transport and shipping. Once the towels are in the UK we deliver to our customers via DPD. DPD also have a carbon neutral commitment with over 5 million parcels now transported on alternative energy vehicles.


Scrummi disposable towels contain no hidden plastics and will biodegrade to compost within 8-12 weeks!

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