Warehouse deals - UP TO 25% off regular prices

Welcome to our warehouse deals – a treasure trove of Scrummi products offered at exclusive prices! Each item you find here has a unique story, sourced from discontinued items, returned or cancelled customer orders.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we're thrilled to give these products a second chance to shine, ensuring they find a new home rather than contributing to waste. Explore our clearance selection and discover exceptional deals on premium Scrummi products while joining us in our mission to reduce environmental impact.

Please note these products can only be ordered online.

All prices are exclusive of VAT

  • What is the Scrummi Warehouse?

    The Scrummi Warehouse is a dedicated section within our facility that showcases quality items sourced from returned or cancelled orders.

    Here, we curate exclusive discounts on these products, ensuring you get incredible value without compromising on quality. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the Scrummi Warehouse, where we believe in giving these items a second chance, preventing waste and offering you exceptional savings.

  • What are the conditions of the products?

    At Scrummi, we stand by the quality of every product, and the items available in our warehouse are no exception. All products sold in our warehouse are in excellent condition, meeting our stringent standards for performance and durability. These items are only available for resale due to items being discontinued or orders being cancelled/returned, often because of the wrong product being ordered.

  • Can I return my product if I am not satisfied?

    If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you can return the item as per our return policy.

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Great customer service

Great customer service and are always very prompt with deliveries. We have used Scrummi products for years and the product has always been of great quality. - Emma Craven